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Just now reality slapped me in the face. The summer - and almost four months off from school, are over. Finished. No more sitting outside enjoying the sunsets, no more feeling the grass under my feet, no more swimming, no more late night parties with my friends, no more fun. Now it's all back to the A4 Volda-life...or...
I'm just kidding. I'm so ready to run around with my girls yet again, have plenty of late night parties, laugh until my lungs fall out at least two times a week, take field trips to Mon in Ålesund, spend dark and rainy fall nights at our cabin, analyze boys over too many glasses of wine, dance till it looks like we've showered or something and complain over the headache we're feeling the next morning. Be prepared my lovelies, our last year will rock!


  1. I'm looking forward to it baby!

  2. And I really hope u`r right! Party tomorro, at quiz