Life is a highway

I'm a restless person. Lately I've been tuning into old dreams and plans that I've almost forgotten. In secondary school me and a friend made a goal to drive across the United States on Route 66. It was just that little problem; we needed to get our licenses first. I can remember sitting discussing every tiny detail of it, like which convertible we were to drive, what scarves we would use to tie up our hair against the wind and last, but not least: the music we would listen - and live to.

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So you might be wondering what this remeniscing is all about. Well, I'm seriously considering turning this dream into reality. Anyone interested?

Soundtrack 66:

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Moby
Porcelain - Moby
Natural Blues - Moby

(These songs were in the original playlist, but I can't seem to remember the other ones. Help me, you know who you are. But if you by any chance know of any songs perfect for this kind of highway cruising, feel free to share them with me. Until then, these are the ones I've added):

We Own The Sky - M83
Rumblefish - Soulsavers
Paper Planes - DFA Remix

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  1. Monica e med :) og ej snakka for Tiril når ej sei at ho og e helt klart med :)