Think positive, I say

It's Tuesday night. I've been working for two whole days. Just two days. And I'm already sick and tired. Very promising. OK, enough nagging. Can I come up with a positive perspective to it all? Of course. I've only got 11 weeks left. Summer's going to make it all better. And I've got two weeks of vacation that I need to fill with fun. Any ideas?

Until you guys come up with a plan, my thoughts will be drifting off to Mykonos. Who's responsible? Fleet Foxes of course.

Picture: weheartit, yet again

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  1. Sjekk ut billigbillettene på Norwegian, eventuelt sydenturer hvis du ønsker sol, eller NY! Så rimelige billetter på Kilroy. Eller bare kom til Hvaler, Bærums svar på Gran Canaria :)