Tuesday chill

B A D H O T B O Y S T U F F. Pretty much describes it all. Feeling? Relaxed and happy. Listening to? Yeah Yeah Yeahs (thanks Tiril). Language? English. What do I want just now? This:

Shoes, 8 Eyelet Patent Doctor Martens, 640 NOK

Bracelet, Chunky Stud Wood Bangle, 240 NOK

Blazer, Silence + Noise Two Button Denim Blazer, 475 NOK

Playsuit, Abstract Blue Pull On Onesie, 345 NOK

Ring, Thomas Sabo ring, 940 NOK

Love it.

Pictures: Urban Outfitters.


  1. Hey, I like your blog! I can't understand some of it(language), but it looks cool! Nice! Nice fashion! I love blogging, don't you? It is really fun!


  2. Hey, thanks so much! I'm actually considering to start writing it all in English, so stay tuned!